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    Question gas detection equipment

    Can anyone recommend a portable gas monitor/detector that can detect CO, H2S, O2 and LEL? Our department is looking to purchase one in the near future. The primary use for it would be responding to residental CO detector activation, but may be needed for other incidents.

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    If you primary use is for residential co then I would recommend a single gas CO detector.
    I have used the one from AIM (AIM single gas monitor) and MSA (MiniCO) and have found both to dependable detectors.

    As for a four gas monitor I like the MSA Passport. I have used the "AIM Four-Gas Monitor" and think it is OK, but don't like the way the pump is set up. I have also used the cannonball and hate it. It was always broken and didn't seem very rugged or dependable.

    Good Luck


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    The MSA Passport is good and also the Inductrial Scientific model work well. Demo different models and pick the one with the features you like.

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    After using and trying several kinds we settled on the "BW Technologies GasAlertMax" and are very pleased. It's VERY easy to use, idiot proof, very durable, and measures/monitors H2S, CO, O2, and LEL. It has a nice, easy to read display, loud alarm, and runs seemingly forever on Black and Decker VersaPak batteries. An excellent unit at a good price.

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    At work, we looked at several different manufacturers. It came down to two brands the MSA Passport and the Industrial Scientific 4 gas. We have had older I.S. meters and liked them. It ultimately came down to low bid. The new I.S. has a much simplified calibration system, is easy to use and runs on a standard 9-volt battery. The MSA Passport is very easy to use.

    Industrial Scientific's web site is:

    MSA's web site is: www.msanet.com

    David Gagetta
    Asst. Capt.
    Verona VFC

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    Robin Holmes
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    For what is worth, on this side of the planet we are using a Crowcon Custodian (Manufacturer is "Crowcon").
    Our unit measures CO, O2, LEL. But can be configured to carry a H2s or other sensor as well. Simple devise with on/off button and a light. Operates with an "operating bleep" and a green light scrolling through the sensors on a digital display. Runs on a AA batteries. Can be used to download data captured to a PC.

    Robin Holmes
    Hazmat Officer
    Burnside Country Fire Service
    South Australia

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    Aerial 131
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    At Hanford Fire we are using the GT 2400. We have two on my engine with the following set up:

    A. CO, O2, LEL, and H2S
    B. CO, O@, LEL, and CL

    They use C cell batteries which we use to keep in the unit but have found out the unit used up the energy of the batteries real fast. We keep them battery empty but put them in service when we go on a call. the GT 2400 comes with a strap to put around the neck and has a cloth strap handle for hand use. System works quite well.

    We did have the TMX 410 and 412s and got rid of them. The sensors wore out way to fast and the units needed month calibration checks. The 2400s only need it once a year.

    Don Zimmerman, Hanford Fire


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