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    Question Rapid Intervention Teams

    When our department responded to a fire, we comply with the two in two out rule. We have a pre-set inventory of tools and equipment the team is responcable to retrieve from our truck company. What we realized is we follow the two in two out rule for haz-mat, but we don't pull any equipment to effect a rescue. We have some ideas for equipment. I.E. Stokes basket, Rope or webbing, hand tools and a piece of haz-mat fabric to use as tarp to shield a victim from the product. My question is what are other teams using in their inventory for R.I.T. or F.A.S.T. teams

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    What situations are you techs getting into?If your trying to stop a leak on a pipe and a tech goes down what tools do you want to bring? Why did the entrant go down? Heat stress, torn suit, air problem or medical problem. most of the tools we bring for fires are designed to free a traped firefighter. What rescue situation would you encounter that a team in level A's could fix without placing themselves in danger. If there was a building collapse could a rescue team free a tech without damaging their own suits?

    I'm not quite sure I understand where you are comming from.

    The items you mentioned would probably suffice. Unless you have a spacific task in mind I'd stick with those tools.

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    We rigged up a cool stokes basket with some lawn tractor tires and a long handle. It is a "Little Orange Wagon"......Other equipment depends on the situation....

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