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    Exclamation i need help with school project

    hello my fellow haz mat fanatics. i'm doing a project for my toxic,corrosive,and radioactive class at shepherd college. i'm a fire science major and i've chosen HEXANE as my research topic. if you have any incidents or any pertinent information about hexane and its uses i would greatly appriciate a reply or an email. if you reply i'll get in touch with you via email. i'll appriciate any help you can provide. thanks a buch folks......scotty b


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    In one case study from Northern Illinois in 1993 an industrial worker fell into an open vat of hexane up to his waist. After self rescue he became very ill with nausea and headache so a medical rescue was called. The medical personnel treated his symptoms without any decontamination or isolation of the patient in the rescue. Because the victim's health deteriorated quickly a medical helicopter was called. The crew transported the patient 60 miles to the nearest hospital where the patient recovered from his exposure. Meanwhile, the two medical rescue personnel also reported nauseasness and headaches as did the helicopter crew and the staff at the hospital because of the hexane exposure. The patient was not decontaminated or disrobed during the entire incident. Fortunately, everyone recovered however hexane is a carcinogen and chronic effects may not show up until later!

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