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    dfwscotty Guest

    Question Biosolve

    Heard some good stuff about Biosolve at a recent Hazmat Conference. With our Environmental Services Div. really cracking down on spills, I think this would be a great addition to our inventory.

    Pro's and Con's?

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    Petie Guest

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    Many people think that emulsifiers are the panacea for hazmat spills, especially flammable liquids but I think there are many negatives to consider before you purchase. #1 by applying the emulsifier you are increasing the size of your spill. #2 emulsifier use may be illegal in your state. #3 By using an emulsifier you are merely moving the spilled material from one site to another. That is, after application and the emulsion is formed you flush it away. After a few hours the emulsion breaks down and the flammable liquid will float on top of the water which is probably now in a lake, or river, or swamp. #4 Emulsions kill aquatic wildilfe because the flammable liquid is distributed equally throughout the body of water. #5 Emulsifiers are expensive.
    Probably the best methods to handle flammable liquid spills is to foam or vacuum or absorb. Think it through.
    Before you purchase give the guys on the Houston HazMat team a call and get their input. Good luck!

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    Tcashel Guest


    Biosolve has been on the market for soem time now. Excessive of ten years. Consult your local or state Heath or Environmental agencies. I>E> NJ DEP had examined the materials years ago and will not allow its use in NJ.

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