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    Pete Gallagher
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    Talking Standards for decon showers

    can anyone help me with some research we are ding in revisiting our decon shower standards.The sort of info that i'm looking for is flowrate, pressures and decon times? Any thing you could offer would be appreciated. Many Thanks
    Pete Gallagher

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    Sorry you didn't get any information, so here is some.

    Base your Decon procedures on the product or products you are trying to remove from personnel and equipment.

    Our department has pre-set diagrams that help the Decon Team under the Haz Mat Group do their set-up of the Decon line, we also have pre-set neutralization solution guidelines for most hazards we come across. These pre-set operations are determined by the Research Group approved by the HM Safety Officer and Haz Mat Group Supervisor and deployed by the Decon Group by a simple letter code (i.e. Decon Line "A" Neutralization Solution "C").

    This plan is designed within our Haz Mat Incident Management System.

    email us if you would like to look at it.

    Good Luck.


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