Thread: Calls per year?

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    Doc7610 Guest

    Post Calls per year?

    Just curious as to how many calls per year on the average that your Team runs? Could be interesting to see what State, County, Town, and call amounts pop up from across the Nation.

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    kbevan Guest


    Salt Lake County Fire Department
    HazMat 9 / 7 Full time Hazardous Materials Technicians, Operating 3 pieces of Apparatus (Paramedic Rescue, Engine and HM Truck). Running Approx 200 calls a year. The last 2 years 20% of our calls are drug labs.

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    phxfyr Guest


    Phoenix Fire Department 1999 HazMat Responses

    HM4 473
    HM38 76
    HM41 195

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    Aerial 131 Guest


    Hanford Fire @ the Hanford Nuclear Site, Richland, Washington.

    Minimum manning levels of 4 Techs per 24 hours shift and 1 Team Ldr.

    1 Hazmat apparatus in service.

    To date year 2000: 18 calls

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