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    Question Haz Mat Training Chlorine Cylinders

    Does anyone know where you can purchase a 150lb. and 1-ton Chlorine cylinder for training? I understand there is a company that makes props out of a heavy duty plastic and this might make it easier for transporting.

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    You might try the Chlorine Institute about where props might be gained. If anyone would know certainly they would.


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    You might try whoever supplie chlorine for your city water department. They may have some damaged cylinders or ton containers. As long as you have the valve ends thats all you need for the majority of your training. Or they may be able to tell where to look.

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    Try www.indiansprings.com They have both the 150 lb and one ton cylinders.

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    One suggestion I have for your ton container is to get two tons, (one with a convex end and one with a concave end) and cut the ends off and weld the ends together, this way you end up with both typs of Cl tons that you can use your B kit on and it only takes up the space of a large beer keg.
    As far as getting 150 lb and ton Cl containers try contacting an industrial gas supplier in your area.

    Shawn M. Cecula
    Lewiston Fire Co. No. 2

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