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    Question On Scene Reference Materials???

    Happy Holidays to all from Little Rock AFB, Fire Department!!

    I'm looking for a vendor who sells a variety of HazMat references. The department is looking to improve our reference library both in paper and computer based materials. We are having trouble finding one vendor to make our purchases from. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    I would suggest you buy through your local library. They could act as the vendor.

    There really is no one vendor out there.

    All the books, booklets, reference materials we have on our hazmat apparatus came from different publishers, more than it was worth to chase them down.

    We used our local techno group at Hanford to do the work for us. We told them what docs/books we wanted and they went out out and got them , then we paid them. Should work with the library as well.

    Make sure you get them invloved somewhat they will put forth the extra TLC to get the job done.

    Also, check the vendor section of the FC Mag, Firehouse Mag, and Fire Engineering. There is always a book section


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    Copy sir and thank you!

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    Hey Little Rock!
    There is one vendor for you to shop concerning reference material and anything hazmat related. It is Lab Safety Supply in Janesville, Wisconsin. Call them at 800-356-0783 to get their 1,200 page catalog with over 14,000 products. Also, if they don't have it they will find it for you. Finally, they have a Techline in which you can call with questions at 800-356-2507. Good luck!
    Merry Christmas to yall!

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    We have books and reference materials on CD. Computer based is the way to go. Very quick response. As far as favorites: CAMEO, NFPA Haz-Mat Quick Guide, Condensed Chemical Dictionary. I purchase my books through Emergency Books & Training, 1-800-654-4748. They have most in-stock. Any questions drop me a line

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    Thanks to all!! I have come to the conclusion that CDROM is the way to go. Subscription rates are about what I expected and the updates are pretty readily available. We already use CAMEO, HMIS and the CHRIS Manual is pretty easy to get to online. Other programs that I've spec'd look pretty promising. When the demo's arrive may-be I can do a little product review for the board...Thanks again!


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