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    Adze Guest

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    Wow! I can't believe it! Just found out the other day that the town is going to provide both fire departments with hazmat information (such as MSDS's and whatever else) for every single business in town. I think this is a good thing. Does anyone else's town (or city) do anything similiar?

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    Halligan84 Guest


    Thats called "Right to Know" the businesses mail them to us yearly.

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    FFTrainer Guest


    Maybe it's a New Jersey thing, but I'm with Halligan, we get them mailed or dropped off to us every year by each business under Right to Know.

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    ADSN/WFLD Guest


    Right to know doesn't include every business in a town. I was in emergency management for several years and a business has to meet certain criteria before they are required to send info out.
    ADZE, in our preplan books we try to identify as many hazards as possible it sounds great that you'll be getting all of that info.
    Question? How will you organize that information. In my case we have the fourth largest industrial park in Illinois and just our preplan books are in several large binders. I'm curious on what you plan to do with all of that info. Will it be kept in a rig or the station? Computer or hard copy?

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    Adze Guest


    ADSN: We will receive this information on hard copy. However, we are moving our preplans to a computerized system that my business has designed. (The software prints out hard copies of the preplans or lets you view them from a laptop in the truck...also we are soon adding support for adding multiple diagrams for each preplan and multiple digital images.) We are thinking about adding this Hazmat info to our preplan software.

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    The Taz Guest


    MSDS information should have been provided to fire departments year ago under Federal law - SARA Title III.

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