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    Post new decon

    I have been assigned to lead a decon team that my Co. recently started. I have set min guidelines for all active personal to be trained to at least the operational level. My problem is that my chief does not support the task at hand and the rest of the Co. members do not want to take refresher courses. This is a very difficult battle for me whereas in all my other tasks persons hvae wanted to work for thier goals now it seems everyone is taking the been there done that attitude. Any Ideas?

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    First off whatever you do, don't throw up your hands and quit. Look at it as a valuable educational experience that win or lose, you will gain knowledge to either deal with it again, or better if it ever happens to you in the future. I have one question, who appointed you to this "position" or gave you the assignment. If its the chief, he's out of line. If its your company that states they are operating and offering the services as a decon unit, then they should walk the walk instead of just the talk. If they were a rope team would they just say it, and not update themselves? I'm gonna take it that you are a volunteer unit, and I've dealt with stuff like that when I was vollie so I understand. However, NFPA and OSHA set standards, and they need to be followed, if not then your company needs not to be considered specialized in the decon business. Other then that, if there is anyone above your Chief go to them, you have a problem on your hands. Or just schedule someone to come in and do a refresher once a month. They are usually not more then a few hours once you cut the B.S. Get some pizza and stuff, and see how it goes. Best of luck.

    The above is my opinion only and does not reflect that of any dept./agency I work for, am a member of, or deal with.

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    >>My problem is that my chief does not support the task at hand and the rest of the Co. members do not want to take refresher courses.<<

    If you can't get support of the chief and your members DON'T WANT to stay current in their training...THEN FORGET IT...HAZMAT can be dangerous even when everyone is on the same page...I shudder to think what it would be like if the players didn't know the current techniques!!!

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    570eck, i know not too many people care, but you are required to refresh every year to the same level or greater with hazmat. I know no one takes this seriously, but bring that up to the Chief. Why not use one of those nfpa/osha laws to your advantage. tell your chief that he can decon himself wheh he accidentaly walks through (insert nasty chemical name here). good luck

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