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    Post HazMat Medical

    Just wondering what other hazmat medical people have to say. i have fire-1,rescue tech, EMT and hazmat ops. my job is rehab, vitals of the entry teams. support staff so to speak. just looking for some input

    Chris Kerrigan
    Fire Fighter/EMT-D
    New Milford Vol. Fire Dept Company #2
    New Milford,NJ

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    what are you actualy asking?
    what kind of training to better serve, procedures to perform duty?

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    NMFD33 Guest


    Just what other depts do as far as the medical aspect of hazmat incidents. we're a small hazmat team,but fully operational. There isnt much of a procedure as far medical for us cause its done on the just looking for ideas. staging ambulances, medics, etc

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    Lewiston2Capt Guest


    At a minimum you shoud be set up to get an initial set of vitals including:

    BP, Pulse, Resps, Weight, EKG (12 lead is preferred), and an oral and core temp. Note the difference between the oral and core temps.

    These vitals should be done pre and post incident and whenever people are out for rehab.
    Our town haz mat team has two ALS ambulances on stand by staged upwind and uphill from the incident. Medical and decon are set up at the same time.
    It may be a good idea to have some medics on hand that are suit certified to tend to casualties that are comming through decon.

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    currently we take a baseline set of vitals of each member of the dept in jan. for the hazmat we do the pre and post vitals also. EMS is different in NJ. your normal vol ambulance corps runs only BLS. ALS units run out of the hospitals. as far as ALS ambulances there are none around here. the als units are just utility body yukon, suburbans etc. unless we have ALS on scene we cant get the 12 lead (nj emt's cant do much in comparrison to most other states) I dont believe we take temps but ill bring that up. thanks

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