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    Okay glow-worms, I need your help. Does anyone know specifics about the treatment of HF exposure with topical Ca? Will any Ca do? Is there a certain concentration that must be obtained? Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated, decommissioning work on HF tanks is about to begin on my plantsite and the workers are concerned about our ability to rapidly administer EFFECTIVE treatement (so am I).

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    Check out the following web page:

    It has everything you will probably need to know about HF. Hope all goes well. Stay safe.

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    Sounds like a job for the professionals, environmental firms such as HEPACO handle this type of project on a regular basis. Using the right tool for the job is the first rule in safety.

    Be safe always, Bob Bailes bbailes@hepaco.com

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    I thought WE were the professionals!?! What I've found out is that the pharmaceutical topical ointment is non-prescription. That you do NOT use calcium chloride (duh! should've thought of that one myself, acid+base=bad news). Calcium gluconate is the calcium of choice, 2.5 gm in 100 ml of water-soluble (KY type) jelly will make a homemade ointment. You can also use Mylanta or other liquid antacid containing magnesium. Whatever you use, it should be massaged vigorously into the burn site after it has been decontaminated. Thanks for the help!!!

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