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    Question Gas Detector

    My department is shopping for a gas detector and a Lumidor is currently in the front running. We are purchasing a 4 gas detector to monitor confined space gasses. Has anyone had experience with Lumidor? What is everyone else running, and do you like them>
    Thanks for your help.


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    Never tried that brand of detector, but check out BW Technologies if you haven't already.

    They're based in Canada and have an absolutley AWESOME 4 gas detector. (Good price, features, accessories, etc.)

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    We have a BW defender, by BW Technologies, at my Volunteer hall.

    It is a 4 gas- O2, H2S, CO, and LEL.

    It is simple to operate, simple to calibrate(very important) and durable. Also it runs on a Black&Decker rechargable battery. Cheap and multipurpose.

    We use PHD plus at work. A reliable unit, but difficult for maintanence.

    Also being made in Canada, it should be attractive for your $.

    I give it two thumbs up.


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    I like the Biosystems 4 and 5 gas units that we have. Easy to operate and have worked well for us.
    Henry C. Hoffman Jr.

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    Drager offers a very good 4 gas meter. You have a lot of differnt sensors availablr to you, also allowing 1 step calibration. Price is very reasonable. They also offer a unit called a CME which uses a computor chip whith 10 tests to be performed using passive disfusion. Very good instument for haz-mat
    Jeff King

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    We ended up purchasing the MSA ORION which is new to the market but from what we have seen it looks like it will be an awesome setup and the price was excellent as well. Thanks for your help everyone.

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    Check out the MultiRae System its a 4 gas plus a PID

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