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    Default Anthrax response

    I am seeking information on how other deoartments are responding to the problem. Right now, PD is receiving the call and making a determination if the HMRT should be called. We do not have any way to monitor or test and area for the presence. We have to send our samples off to another city in the state.
    If you have any information, let us know.Thanks

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    Our response has settled out to 2 different levels.
    If a suspicous letter or box is reported but unopened then the police having jurisdiction will pick it up for processing.
    If a letter or box is opened and a substance is found then the fire dept having jurisdiction and EMA who handles haz mat response here is also called with the police.
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    We are profiling the incident based upon FBI criteria. Work with your local law enforcement to obtain this profile information since they are responsible for contacting the FBI. This should be the only level of response from PD. As for the fire service, utilize the FBI profile to determine the potential risk. For the lowest risk profile First Responders can typically clear the suspicious package or take it in as evidence to be inspected by Haz Mat Specialists. First Responders should use SCBA, turnouts and medical gloves in mitigation. Haz Mat Specialists should be requested for all greater threat profiles. Ensure that the Respose Team requested is up to date with profile information, detection equipment and evidence collection. Once you get the profile through your local PD this will make more sense.

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