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    Default Have you noticed how quick the "Scares" seemed to have gone away ??

    Maybe I'm wrong but it seems to me that these "Antrax Scares" appear to have stopped just as quick as they started. There were a few confirmed cases but not enough to create a national lock-down. ~ Now in watching the News It seems Antrax is no longer a hot topic. With that the threats just shut off. Now I'm sure that there are still incidents being regarded as possible Antrax Type Calls but why all of a sudden did the majority of them just stop ? Makes you wonder what was really going on out there.....Anybody else with the same thoughts ? Or am I just Crazy ?
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    There are two ways to look at the antrax scare:
    1) The idiots who were sending the stuff got their point across or 2) The problem is still out there and there is so much other more improtant stuff going on that it took the back burner for now. I personally am hoping for number 1 myself.

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    I just hope the drop doesn't make too many people complacent.
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    I had a call yesterday where a young man thought he had been exposed upon opening a book and a white powder got on him. He was very hypertensive nauseated and throwing up he was so worked up.

    After he was evaluated, he was calmed knowing that he was not exposed to Antrax, but some poisoned lunch from a local restaruant.
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    I personally believe at least in this area they were all sent from some group of teens or adults trying to get some news.

    Notice news coverage lessens calls lessen. HMMMMM
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