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    Post VCR Tape Fire

    My department responded to a basement fire. On arrival found grey to black smoke coming from the structure. Inside structure was heavy black smoke, when they reached the basement they found a fire in corner of room involving television, vcr, tapre rewinder and approximately 150-200 tapes fully involved. Extinguishment was with approximately 75 gallons of water.

    Question is: What are the hazards involved with these products burning, especially the tapes as they were the bulk of the fire ?

    Side Effects to the firefighters were headaches, sinus irritation, coughing. Yes, we did have our SCBA's on.

    Is there anywhere on the net to get info on this. Oh yes the other thing we found is our gear won't come clean with in house washing, they will have to be sent out.

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    due to the byproducts from pvc and abs plastics,<br />when burning that is normal side affects. there is a book out on byproducts from plastics. check the web. i can't remember the title or the web address ,but i did find information on this topic.

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