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    Question Demonstrations For Haz Mat Awareness Classes

    Folks,<br />I'm looking for several quick demos of dangerous interactions among common household items that I could use as motivation during haz mat awareness classes. I currently use pool chlorine and brake fluid to show spontaneous combustion. Does anyone else have any other examples? I do them outdoors at the start of class and during breaks.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    if you use rubbing alcohol and the wicking type of locktite(the big bottle). it is slow acting but what i have seen if mixed right it will burst onto flames and give off a cloud .

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    Contact Tempe Fire in AZ, they have some pretty good ideas. They have a web site.
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    Ohio, I have used cryogens in some of my demonstrations and lectures. Although it helps if you have a cooperative supplier or chem company nearby, cyros are sometimes difficult to obtain. Liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen or even just dry ice works. With the liquid nitrogen/hydrogen, you can freeze stuff like a flower or a tennis ball and then smash it like a light bulb. Make sure you have Cryo gloves before you mess with that stuff obviously. It gets attention and then when the item thaws, it's back to normal.

    The old household bleach and ammonia mix will clean out some of your students sinuses and they will know that smell forever.

    Something as simple as explaining the expansion of gases, propane, butane, metahane etc. and then illustrating with a lighter or Bernz-O-Matic torch to accentuate your point. If your training center has a propane prop, a controlled BLEVE is quite an attention getter.

    Peace and stay safe.

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