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    Default Extrication and Use of Leather Gloves?

    Does anyone know if there are any lightweight NON-Structural firefighting gloves used for Extrication or Rescue, Similar to Leather Work gloves. That are Bloodborne Compliant, and what are your policies on extrication on use of gloves? Do you have to use Structural FF Gloves or any kind you would like to?

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    have found a set of leather gloves w/barrier lining in "GALLs" magazine that I have been satisfied with. They are soft/pliable yet protect from most extrication hazards. Cost was around $30 I believe.

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    Allen Siorek
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    Does anyone know if there are any NFPA standards regarding extrication gloves? Are they the same as structural F/F, blood-borne pathogen resistant...?

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    Hi Guys
    I've been looking into this subject. What I've found so far is Howell, Z-Mag and Ringer Co..
    Howell has a glove made of Kevlar. I have used these gloves. They resist cuts and punctures. Price about $20.00 ( U.S. )
    Z-Mag sells a glove made of Kevlar also that is dipped in P V C . Price about $12.00 ( U.S. )
    Then the Ringer Co. has a glove made of leather. It is the glove that the Safety teams at race tracks use ( They say ) . That glove is is priced at $49.00 ( U.S. ).
    So far that is what I've found.If you find anything else please let me know at greene@eznet.net
    Thanks Jim

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    here in australia we use a normal leather work glove, or some members have been using a US made glove from Knoxville glove company, which is a single layer kevlar glove offering very good wrist protection.
    to cover from blood borne virises all members double glove with high quaitly medical laytex glove under the leather/kevlar glove.
    this gives the operator full dextarity and protection from blood and cuts from metal ect.

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    Yes, I do have what I believe to be a fine extrication glove. It is made of 100% Kevlar hot dipped in PVC to give it excellant gripping and wear qualities. Many of the teams at the international extrication competition in Rockford Ill. used them and loved them. As far as bloodborn protection, I highly recommend double gloving. First with laytex, then with the kevlar. If you would like more info contact me at Zmagrescue@aol.com

    Great forum Ron, keep up the good work, hope to see ya soon during the upcoming comp/show season.


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