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Chris Parker, a firefighter with Engine 8, City of New Haven(CT) FD presented a
question about the A-pillar to A-pillar steel reinforcement of the new 1999 Volvo S80. this vehicle was featured in the January 1999 University of Extrication article.

Chris asked if the reinforcement is supported vertically in the center, like a "T" thus preventing a dash "tilt" or supported at each end?

Volvo's dash reinforcement for the S80 consists of multiple sections of a high-strength, low-alloy steel pipe that when welded together, form one continuous pipe running from A-pillar to A-pillar. The pipe is welded to a flange at each end that is secured to the inside of the A-pillar along the bottom of the dash. There is no substantial center brace or "T" brace to the floorpan or any other structural area of the vehicle.

This dash reinforcement will actually stiffen the dash during dash rolls or when jacking
the dash. This is a good thing!