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    What problems do you experience in extricating victims from heavy trucks? Are rescuers prepared for such vehicles. What tools do you find most useful?

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    Richard Benkwitt
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    So far only have had one large truck vehicle rescue. Air bags were used to lift the truck off of a car that ran into the rear of the truck. We also have since purchased a set of high lift airbags. We use Lukas rescue tools for extrication hydraulically. We have a good asortment of air and hand tools also. We hope to purchase a supply of AirShores for vehicle/trench/building collapse and rescue next year or so. Thornwood FD Town of Mount Pleasant, Westchester County, NY

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    In many cases the most versatile tool to use on heavy trucks is the good old reciprocating saw. Heavy trucks have lots more beef than the typical automobile, but the sawzall makes quick work of the roof pillar and door hinges. The hydraulics work too, but the more options you have the better.Besides, with multiple tools, they could all be used at the same time, speeding up the extrication effort. Don't get tunnel vision and think that just because you have hydraulic tools, you can't use other tools. Good luck.

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    Air bags, Rams, and Recipicating saws work wonders for semi accidents. The saws can cut through just about anything with the proper blade. Spreaders usually don't work on these rigs, especially the newer ones with the fiberglass and plastics used today. It seems to be easier to cut a truck apart by cutting away pieces of the body then having to worry if the spreaders are going to just break pieces of the cab away anyway. I've been to many accidents involving bigger trucks and each time it seems that going back to hand tools works better and wastes less time then trying to work with larger, heavier, and combersome hydraulics.

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    How about a thought on an armored truck? We had one such incident with an armored truck vs. pickup a few years back. luckily the armored truck won the battle and injuries were minor, however, it did bring up the discussion of what we would have to have done if extrication of the armored truck employees had been necessary.

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