I am a firefighter/fire commissioner with the Thornwood Fire District and also a supervisor in electric overhead constuction at Con Edison, the NY utility serving Westchester County and NYC. I am presently trying to "sell" the idea of Con Edison providing AC electric current detectors to each of the local FD's in Westchester County. I have approval for the funding of the project, however, I am running into liability and safety issues of my company providing the devices and either being misused or giving false sense of security. We will provide 4 hours of electric and gas utility training which would include the proper use and procedures to use the device, and also to make the FD's responsible to only allow trained individuals use the devices. I understand NY State and many local FD's presently use this device. New Rochelle FD informed me of a recent vehicle accident scene that had a hidden down wire contacting the vehicle and the AC detector gave an indication that the live wire was nearby, thereby making the scene safer for the first responder's. I am looking for any other utility's or fire dept's that have received or used this device; and to use this information to "sell" my safety and law departments on the idea of donating the device. We do not want to just donate the funding and have the FD's purchase the device individually, as we are trying to also use this item as a method to build a closer relationship with the fire dept's. Is there any advice, or information that you can provide on the use of this device and any legal or safety issues or professional or legal information/opinions that I could use to convince my law and safety people (some who are reluctant) that the benefits outweighs the risks?