If you have been to a MVA that involved the following:

Side Imapact, Sausage Airbags, Automatic Roll-bars (RPS) that deployed
Accidental Airbags deployment while performing an extrication
Injury sustained due to airbags or RPS
Car fire caused by deployment of airbags
Failure to de-energize the Airbag or RPS system due to back feeding from an alternate power source (backup battery, cell phone, GPS, or alarm system)
Unusual event by either of the airbag or RPS

As a fire service instructor for a state agency, I am compiling data for an advance extrication module. Information will be keep confidential if directly email to me. These are important new areas to the extrication tech, if you have information please let us help save injury to others from your experience.

Ronald E. Shaw
19 Baldwin Circle
Plymouth, MA 02360

Email: rshaw@tiac.net

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