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    Default seat belt pretensioners

    Where can I find more information on seat belt pretensioners? I am looking for possible hazards to rescuers when dealing with a "live" pretensioner.

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    At this point in the development of seatbelt pretensioners, information is not that prevalent.

    I highly recommend any fire, rescue or EMS agency contact GM to request a copy of their material. It's the best out there right now and it's free.

    Request "Air Bags and Pretensioners in GM Vehicles". It is an 18-page booklet, 6"x9" size.

    Includes Q&A sections with info on airbags and pretensioners, good two-color artwork, and an Emergency Response Guidelines for Supplemental Restraint Systems checklist on the back cover.

    Remember, if you follow automaker recommendations for airbags and pretensioners, your practices and procedures at crash scenes are 'defensible' in a court of law. That's one reason to get this booklet and incorporate its' recommendations into your protocols.

    You may request a copy for you and one for your department using email to the following address;


    Send your request to the attention of JENNIFER BURLINGAME

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