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    Recently RUFD decided to sell our 2yr. old Pierce for a F-450 rescue vehicle. We would specialize in extracation and rescue. My question is: Is it safe to extricate without the ability to streach a handline if needed?, What are the NFPA,OSHA,or state of N.J. regs regaurding a charged handline at the scene of an auto extracation?

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    Unsure about specific regulations, however ommon sense should dictate that a charged hoseline capable of 100 gpm should be immediately available for use. My preference is to place the nozzle in a psition between the major hazard area and the patient. All to often the line is in a position that would "push" the fire towards the patient. Be cognizant of the placement. Also, the operators should be in full PPE, including SCBA. AT A MINIMUM, an operator should stand by with a fire extinguisher at the ready (min. 20#, pin pulled). Again, these are common sense procedures with safety for all in mind.

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    In my home dept. we are a volunteer ems and rescue agency. We specialize in the extrication business and ALWAYS have an engine company respond with us. We let the guys who "specialize" in firefighting do their thing - covering us with at least one 1 1/2" charged line, nozzle guy and backup in scba.

    Dan Martelle

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