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    Default Is Saftey in Numbers?

    My department is radically changing. I come from a traditional Vol. company. The second department I work for has changed SOP to a duty crew schedual of two persons. We would be expected to handle an extracation with this single crew. I have already addressed the issue of no hose protection but no one seems to think it is a problem. One senior member thinks doing an extracation in a jump suit with no protection and two people is adequitly safe. I am I crazy for having saftey concerns?

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    As a suggestion, since you feel this is a safety issue, try going through your chain of command. Ask if he/she has a problem with you pulling a safety line off the truck when you go to an MVA. Other crews may also think this is a good idea and follow your lead.

    If you have a limited crew of two, the operator can put the truck in pump, charge the line and have it ready in case it is needed. The pump operator should be able to circulate water, while the line is not flowing water.

    Most likely your superior will not tell you can't pull a safety line for obvious reasons. To help you with your suggestion, I am sure Ron Moore has a past issue in Firehouse or his extrication book that will suggest the use of a safety line.

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    Wow, extrication with 2 members? I'm not sure how that will work when you factor in size up, dc'ing batteries, checking fuel leaks, stabilizing, maneuvers like roof removals and flaps which require multiple personnel and just for relief!.. I hope your not hustling a 32B for too long!. Thats not to mention, providing proper patient care and protection and getting a line in service... Good Luck

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    Although many city departments utilize the 2 person rescue crew, they usually also have at least a BLS crew dealing with pt concerns (i.e. KED, Collar, victim protection, & airway maintainance.) In my state of NJ, the city on Newark works w/ 2 rescue personel but have ALS & BLS working the pt.
    Your concerns with PPE and protection lines are a great concern! Contact TERC for the current standards on PPE. A protection line is a valid point. A charged line is always a great comfort at your back but a 25lb extinguisher will also serve it's purpose. I'm not saying I personally wouldn't prefer a charged line but a can will do fine w/ limited crews. Ron Moore should have some past articles in refence to this very issue.

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    In Indy we use a task force of 8 firefighters for extrication.

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    Being from a small department, I can understand where Wolf is coming from. We sometime get caught with 2 people on the scene. Luckily, at least, in our situation at least two to three more firefighters are not to far away. When you have 2, all you can do is do your best. It may take longer, but remember...DO EVERYTHING AS SAFELY AS POSSIBLE. You can only do so much with two people. If you ever have an accident which ends in a courtroom. Make sure it's someone up the line that has to answer for something going wrong or for not having enough personnel on the scene to handle the situation. If you have to take care of the patient before additional help arrives, Don't abandon them to start extrication...Call for mutual aid, but don't leave the patient. It hard to drop a line off the rig after something goes wrong. We have one on the ground no matter what happens.

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    With todays budget problems setting the stage for 2 and 3 man crews, you must consider the "mutual aid" or "second alarm" response as one way to bring the necessary personnel to your incident.
    One benefit of today's changing fiscal environment, is that any command officer with a little knowledge of inherent liability, will never deny you the request for additional response to the scene. Good luck with the 2 man crew!

    Dan Martelle

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