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    Default The best rescue 'dummy'

    A Post from Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

    One way to add realism to your extrication training is to set up scenarios to challenge the crews arriving at a simulated response.

    One way to make the scenario realistic is to use a mannequin or a dummy as the victim.

    The "Vince & Larry" crash test dummys are $250,000 each.

    What do you recommend as a realistic and affordable dummy to use as your victim. Old Resusci-Anne CPR mannequins? Rescue Randy? Stuffed coveralls?
    (Remember, probies are not eligible)

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    We use an old 'Annie' for our under-vehicle or other precarious positions and use 'live' victims (Probies do have a use) for in vehicle victims.
    We use a length of old 3" hose formed and taped in a stick figure for our SCBA endurance test.

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    I hate to admit it but we are still using stuffed coveralls for dummies. The big advantage= you can stuff with different materials for different weights. The big disadvantage= we havent found anything to replicate a head yet! Enjoy your forums Ron, keep up the good work.

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    Be aware of eager dummies. many of the hands on classes that I have been a part of always has the few guys who are quick to volunteer to be the victim. If you stand back and look at the whole picture, many times they are the ones who need the training the most. They airn't learning a thing sitting behind the wheel moaning. It seems like your kick butt go-getters always go for tools (hence the term kick butt go -getter) and the motivational challenged (read as lazy) students want to sit still as a victim. The training ground is the place o reverse the roles and make learning happen. I will never say someone has too much training, but let your experanced guys sit and throw the ball to the greenhorns every now and then.


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    I know this topic has been idle for 5 months so I'd like to revisit. The best all around rescue dummy I have tried is the one called Hose "A". It is both cheap and very durable. It is constructed of old fire hose (with the couplings removed), folded and bolted together to form a torso, head, arms, and legs. Plans are available in the IFSTA Fire Instructor Manual. We used 2 1/2" hose instead of the 3" suggested in the plans and it worked great. The only cost is for the 1/4" carriage bolts, washers, and nuts needed (about $10.00). The dummy we constructed is 6'7" tall and weighs 100lbs. stripped and dry. If we want to add more weight we either dress him in turnout gear and add SCBA or just soak him down. This dummy can be used for search and rescue, victim removal from structures, auto extrication, underwater rescue, rope rescue, etc. without the danger of using live members or the fear of damaging expensive manequins. Hope this helps.


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    My unit uses a Rescue Randy. I find that Randy gives a slightly more realistic victim than stuffed coveralls or an old Annie due to the weight. Because of this weight, Randy is a little more difficult to get out of the vehicle.
    The only problem I have seen with Randy is that he occasionally falls apart. Ours has lost a leg from the knee down that is unrepairable and an arm from the elbow down that I repaired with a new bolt, 2 washers, and a nut.
    Overall I would recommend a Randy to any department looking for a "dummy".

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    Default Hose Dummy the easy way

    We took a set of bunkers laid them on the ground and traced it with a 1 1/2" then continued to fill it by tracing it untill the arms and legs were complete then duck taped and zip tied them. Then place 5" and 6" in the torso with 1 50 lbs sand bag we zip tied and duck taped it all together. See photo on myspace @ psychobilly17

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