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    A Post from Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

    As more and more firefighters get online, I'm amazed at the amount of information that is exchanged. One person finds something and points the rest of us to it. Great way to share and learn together.

    My question is this; what online links do you know about that have "gems" of information jmust sitting there?

    For example, the Chief of the Hamel MN Fire Department is very computer saavy. He received the Volvo safety bulletin about how do deal with their mechanically-activated side impact airbags and put it online at his FD's website.


    This is one of those 'gems' that you just need to know about. I'm sure there a more.
    Share one with the rest of us!


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    Here is a click-link to the Hamel, MN Fire site Ron mentioned above: Click on

    Note: you will need Adobe Reader loaded in your computer as this is an Adobe / .pdf file.

    Phred from Ohio

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    A Posting from Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

    This week's featured information source is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Those of you who have followed past University of Extrication articles are familiar with the crash testing work they perform.

    This group is totally dedicated to vehicle safety research. They are online also.

    They have a second group within their organization that does other car research. Check out http://www.carsafety.org

    This private organization also publishes a great free newsletter called "Status Reports". You should request a free subscription. It is a neat little desktop publishing newsletter, with great color photos of actual crash testing done by IIHS.

    Status Reports always has good vehicle safety info in each issue and, did I mention, the subscription is FREE.

    Write on department letterhead to this address;

    Brenda ODonnell, VP Communications
    1005 North Gleebe Rd
    Arlington VA 22201

    Their phone number is (703) 247-1678

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