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    Default Vehicles with fuel lines in roofs

    Does anybody have a list of vehicles that have fuel lines that run along the roof and through tubular floor members? These would be areas where relief cuts during vehicle extrications could pose a problem.

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    Unless you have run across some more recent information, I don't think any of the manufacturers are running fuel lines along the roof line, not only for safety reasons but it just seems to me a round about way to get fuel from point "a" to point "b". Of course I thought the same about batteries, and look what they are doing with those!
    There may be some manufacturers that have water drain lines along the roof rail, but tha last I heard on the subject was that, froma safety stand point, not a good design move.
    There are some with the lines along the rocker panel but I couldn't tell you the makes or models. You may just want to call around to different dealers and talk with the service manager.

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    A Posting From Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

    I was the one who originally started the story about fuel lines in roofs. At a training session, work on a late model Baretta involved cutting the roof pillars. As participants did that, a liquid leaked out.

    When they looked down on the ground, they saw colored rings in the spill. These were typical of a drop of gasoline floating on water. From that, the "assumption" was that the line inside the A-pillar was gas line because that was "gas" on the ground.

    I was told this story at an extrication seminar, several hundred in attendance. Everyone in the seminar heard this report and accepted it. From there, the word spread that Corsica and Baretta sedans had fuel lines in the roof.

    This is FALSE! The liquid was from the sunroof moisture drain line. Moisture collected along the sunroof and ran through the plastic line down to the ground. The training area had grease and oil on the ground so when the roof water hit the ground, it looked like gasoline.

    Truth is, most vehicles do not have fuel lines running inside the rocker channel. They will however have sunroof drain lines. hatchbacks will have a line inside the A-pillar to pump windshield washer to the rear hatchback glass.

    I went and cut apart four vehicles to check on fuel lines; '96 Chrylser cirrus, '96 Toyota, '95 Honda and a '94 Ford.

    All had fuel lines underneath the floorpan, secured from below to the metal floor. This is the shortest way to get from the fuel tank to the engine... not through the rocker channel.

    All electrical wiring harnesses on these relatively new vehicles ran inside the floor of the vehicle, on top of the flooring and just under the carpet. Not inside the rocker channel.

    No fuel lines or electrical lines were actually inside the hollow voids of the rocker channel. What was inside was foam for rustproofing and sound-proofing.

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    On the contrary, I was once informed that the chevy Z-34 has the fuel line running through the A post. If this is false Ron, please let me know! I have been telling many of my students this "tid-bit" of information for the last few years now, and if it's false, I'll have to start correcting myself with everyone! Thanks!

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