A Posting From Forum Moderator Ron Moore

When I created the two-part University of Extrication series for March and April's editions, I set out to promote the concept of "tensioning" for vehicle stabilization. I focused on some relatively new tools that are dedicated to this type of stabilization.

In the April article that is just now going to press, I feature the brand new RES-Q Jack system from New York State and the CRUTCH tool from Florida.

Too late for that article's deadline, I also heard from Mr. Mitch Young. His company makes the EVAC Emergency Rescue Systems. It is a stabilization unit that falls between the Z-Mag and Air Shore systems except it has a really neat three-prong hook end to it. Mitch's system is called the VSU (Vehicle Stabilization Unit). Mitch's email address is: HIMNTH2O@aol.com if you want info on his equipment.

The other tool that I received info on too late to include in the "tensioned" series was the O'Connell Plates. These units have been out for several years and are primarily thought of as base plates when rolling a dash. Mr. Tim O'Connell wrote to advise me of a great stabilization application for his tool. Take a look at the photos he has posted on his website to understand how to adapt these plates to "tensioning".

While there, you might enjoy seeing his other new tool, the Jack-Mate. Tim reports he's making a lot of them. If you are a Hi-Lift or Handyman Jack fan like I am, you'll see the value of this attachment.