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    Default Airbag identification

    Does anyone know of a listing of airbags versus vehicle? This listing would include location of bags, type of deployment, whether disconnecting the battery prevents spurious deployment, etc. This listing could be amended each model year and be carried on the apparatus for a cross reference.

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    Hey dude, in response to your question, I haven't heard of any such book, but think I might look into it tommorow... You might want to try either your local car dealerships or maybe a consumer type organization... If I find any thing out that might be of interest to you, I will post it for ya...

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    Ron's VSDS project is aimed at dealing with just that problem, but will be a while coming and apparently (?) only take care of new vehicles coming off the line.

    I'm working on a project to take care of current and historical data, being conducted with the car makers and their appropriate associations here in Canada. Ideally, the information would be posted on the net, available for all to download. Some manufacturers are already either on board, assembling their data base or are looking into the logistics of the project.

    It's a tough go, but I'm optimistic.

    Progress will be posted.

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    A central point of info would be an great idea. Updating it, like preplans, would be a monumental task without manufactures help. Morriss, careful with just relying on disconnecting the battery. Most, if not all, airbag systems have a capacitor that can hold a charge for over 30 minutes, causing a deployment. Be Safe.

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