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    Default Stabilization: High ground clearance vehicles

    Stabilization: High ground clearance vehicles

    Stabilizing high ground clearance vehicles is a challenge we should all preplan for right now. Pickup trucks, some sport utility vehicles, a school bus, city transit vehicles, a charter bus, or even an 18-wheeler tractor sit higher off the ground than automobiles that we typically encounter.

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    Box cribs or step chocks on top of box cribs. Tensioned buttress or Paratech struts for higher reaches.

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    Preplanning is a must for these types of vehicles. Our primary rescue unit has 2 compartments full with a wide variety of cribbing. Our secondary rescue unit also contains an abundance of cribbing and lengths of wood (this truck is our collapse/trench unit). We also carry 40+ air struts, low pressure air bags, etc. No matter how much you have, it is never enough. You could end up having to do a lot of stablization depending on the type of vehicle you have and the position it ends up in. How about a school bus partially tipped over on a passenger vehicle as an example. With this example you have the possibility of quite a stabilization operation. But if you only carry very basic cribbing (a few 4x4 and some step chocks), it may very well be a stabilization that cannot be safely completed.

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