I explored many job opportunities after being permanently layed off from American Heat and FETN.

In April, I accepted a full-time position as Fire Training Manager for the city of Plano TX Fire Department. It's the city I have lived in since I moved to Texas from New York six years ago.

As such, I am responsible for curriculum design, program delivery, and evaluation of the fire departmentís continuing education fire/rescue training.

The city of Plano, home to over 225,000 residents, is protected by a 242-member career fire department operating 11 engines, 3 trucks, and 5 ACLS units from 10 stations.

Plano Fire Department is rated as an ISO Class 1 department and has received national medical accreditation from CAAS. Because of the ISO Class 1 rating, each member must document 20 hours of in-service fire training per month.

All Plano engine and truck companies are paramedic companies, equipped to provide first response paramedic services at all times. Line officers are certified paramedics as are over 60% of all line personnel.

The department operates a hazmat engine company, a swift water rescue team, and a confined space/trench rescue company. Within the departmentís Fire Marshallís office, fire personnel are responsible for city-wide building and life safety code compliance and enforcement.

Emergency responses total approximately 16, 000 runs per year, averaging over 44 each day, with a large percentage being medically-related emergency calls. Along with these medical calls, response to motor vehicle crash incidents is frequent due to the heavy traffic volume traveling in and through this suburban Dallas community on limited access interstate highways, six-lane expressways, as well as residential streets.

To address the challenges of vehicle rescue, all 11 engine company crews are extrication trained and respond with an assortment of extrication equipment on board their apparatus including full service hydraulic rescue systems. The truck companies provide additional extrication equipment along with high pressure air bags.

As Fire Training Manager for the department, I also am required to evaluate our fireground operations. To do this, I have a marked take-home vehicle to respond to incidents for observation and photo documentation. Eventually I'll shoot digital video as well.

I also will coordinate a new program of sponsoring training seminars that Plano will host, opening seats up to outside departments as a revenue-generating venture. We'll host big name speakers to come in for a two-day, one-day or half-day presentation. We have one training room at our Training Center that seats 85 auditorium-style. We'll work to fill that and charge fees for attendance to defray costs. Any speaker suggestions will be welcome.

I'll also be remain online managing the University of Extrication message forum on a daily basis. The monthly Firehouse magazine articles get a lot of reaction and allows me to meet many new people online every month.

Please keep in touch. You have all been very special friends and I appreciate your interest in keeping this Message Forum an active one.

Ron Moore