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    Question Cutting a roll cage

    We have a new mud racing track in our district. If one of these mud racing vehicles overturns in knee deep mud it could present a unique situation. I would like to know if it is possible to cut through a roll bar with a 4.5 inch Hurst cutting tool.Any help would be greatly appreciated as to how to remove a patient from this type of situation.

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    I run a motorsport rescue unit here in Ireland and consequently deal with a lot of rollcages etc. The one big thing to check is whether the cage is genuine racing cage ie hollow , alloy or steel tubing usually about 45mm in diameter with walls 2-3mm thick. If the cars are more basic the cages may be made of builders scaffolding or plumbing pipes. If in doubt we use a recip saw which is probably much faster anyway. Our Holmatro 3020 cutter will take most cages no problem and can also take both cage and pillar on racing saloons in one bite. Your Hurst tool should have no problems but beware of cutting joints between bars and also drips of weld which can break blades.

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    Your Hurst O-Shears should have no problem cutting through even Nascar Style roll cages. That is what they were originally designed to cut by Mr Hurst years ago if my history is remembered right.

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    recently out older hurst cutter (8 yrs old) was unable to sever a roll cage in a promod race car our 2nd rescue truck on load and staffed by a differnt company use a holmatro nct cutter and got right threw. If your budget for rescue gear is like ours you may want to really check out your gear some stuff just doesnt work on todays new safety materials. We have no real budget for replacement of these items, but life safety is always paramount

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