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    Question How to Jack a dash?

    I'm trying to learn as many different extrication techniques i can. I've only jacked one dash in my life and my Captain did most of it so i didn't really figure out completely. Does it involve more then cutting the A-pillar and jacking it with the spreaders?

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    Well it's been a while since I've done dash rolling but all I know is that you gotta be positive if it is front or rear wheel drive first of all. If it is rear then you can safely hook a chain around the front frame or other secure location and around the steering wheel and roll the dash that way. If it is front then I have heard of people rolling the dash with the jaws but never seen it nor would I really know where to begin. I have only found that cutting at a 45 degree angle where the dashboard and the bottom of the door connect and then using the extension rams and pushing the hect out of the dash to roll it that way. That may be kind of old information or they still may do it. That is the only ways I really know of doing it for the rear and front wheel drive cars.
    Hope this helped.


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    The way we jack a dash is to make a cut at a 45 dergree angle into the front of the door frame.

    Then make another cut into the bottom of the frame where it meets the front frame. We then use a "cleat" (what we call it)and place it on the bottom part of the door frame, and use our ram spreader at the cleat and the upperpart of the frame to raise the dash. Do the cut on both sides and when you use the ram on the side where the pateint is it will usually raise the whole front of the car.

    The "cleat" is a piece of angle iron in a u-shape with holes cut into it every 2 inches or so. This way you can greatly reduce the distance between the ram spreader and the upper part of the door frame. We have one that is 18 inches long and 24 inches long so you can use the one best suited for the job depending on the size of the car door.

    Ed Brando
    Carthage Firefighter
    Rescue Instructor.

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    Check out the following site:

    This is an excellent link that give step by step procedures for rolling/jacking a dash. The technique is designed for use on cars w/ Side Impact Curtains but should work on any car. I have not tried this technique but in theory it sounds pretty good.

    FF/EMT-B Paul Cullen
    Frederick MD.


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    It maybe just as easy as that. If so it will greatly cut your extrication time. If not there are many techniques out there depending on the situation, vehicle, damage and equipment you have available. Be careful of wrapping the steering column even on rear drive vehicles. Most new vehicles have tilt wheel and various knuckles along the way that can suddenly give way causing injury to victims or rescuers.

    Be safe.

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    Ron Shaw
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    Jacking of the Dash is similar to that of the Dash Roll. In jacking the dash you are forcing the dash up, while in a roll you are pushing the dash up and away from the patient, or rolling it forward.

    The simple method for doing jack of the dash will be to:

    Check for hazards, stabilize the vehicle, scan exterior/interior for: SRS devices, Automatic Rollbars, power down windows, move electric seats, manually deploy the ROPS (Mercedes), shut down all electrically devices, remove key and deactivate passenger frontal airbag with key switch, power disconnect, begin patient care, conduct glass removal then:

    1. remove or flap the roof
    2. remove the door at the side to be jacked(not needed for the dash roll)
    3. severe the A-pillar where it meets the wield flange.
    4. cut a 3-4 inch section out just above that and bend the flap to the side
    5. NEW: cut the top rail of the front quarter pannel just behind the strut mount. this will keep the front of the car from moving and less stress on the tool. This step will keep the nose from driving into the ground when performing a Dash Roll.
    6. insert the tips of your spreaders or a ram
    7. lift to the point that the dash clears your patient. There is a HSLA bar running from side to side, if you can catch this it will help you lift and not tear.
    8. leave the tool inplace disconnecting the lines, if not need. Crib as a safety precaution incase your tools slips out.

    This doesn't give you all the basics that a extrication class will, but it will serve as a refresher to perform the Jacking as you requested.

    I have a some photos of Ron Moore doing the Jacking of a Dash if you need one for training let me know and I will be gald to help.

    I would like to thank FFtazUFC3 for his support of Modified Dash Roll/Jacking of the Dash.

    Ron Shaw

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    To read a good article on rolling the dash, check out the current "Pulling the Steering Wheel" article under this forum. It has quite a few good ideas.

    Todd Metzger
    RRFD, 422

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