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    Post American Heat Videos--Extrication

    Are there any good extrication segments in the Am. Heat series? I'm looking for both basic extrication material to orient students and also special situations and techniques; so basically any extrication segments .

    If you would give year/volume/program information, that would be very helpful.


    Mike Sherriff
    J-K Ambulance
    Kendrick (ID) Fire

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    Try the Carbusters series. Very informative.

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    Mike - I've had the opportunity to watch a video made by PULSE EMERGENCY MEDICAL VIDEOS, it is the January, 1996 video. It has a good amount of info on airbags. It also shows an actual live extrication that went sour for a couple of rescuers. On a one to ten I'd give it a seven. I am currently trying desperatly to purchase a copy for myself, but having a hard time finding it. I viewed it at a training session and was lucky enough to find out who made it.

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