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    j crooke
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    Question Holmatro New Vehical Saftey Systems video

    In the August 1999 issue of Fire/Rescue magazine on page 48, there is an ad for
    'Holmatro's new vehical saftey systems for the rescuer' narrated by Bob Brown & Allan Brunacini from Phoenix FD. It supposedly walks a rescuer through all the new technology in todays cars with regards to extrication & car fires.
    It sounds like it has some good points to offer.

    Has anyone seen/heard of this video??
    Is it good, bad or ugly?
    Worth purcashing for $65?

    Jeff Crooke
    Marshalls Creek fire/rescue

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    Ron Shaw
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    I have viewed the tape several times, it's a good film and worth the $65, which is not expensive for a training film. The film explains new vehicle construction, SRS, and difficulties you will encounter and suggestions on how to conduct extrication.

    The Primedia film "Emergency Procedures For Airbag Equipped Vehicles" was developed for NHTSA, the two films go hand in hand. Ron Moore was the project leader while with FETN. I was one of the few lucky ones to be able to work with Ron on the project and with great pride think it too was a good film. Ron give an excellent time line of the development of the SRS to the first recorded crash with deployed frontal airbags. Briefly going back in time to the Dayton Ohio Airbag Incident, to re-enforce first responder safety and proper procedures for working with undeployed airbags. The film stresses the importance of scanning a vehicle for rescuer safety. If you are developing a spin off on your current vehicle extrication program, buy them both.

    Contact Ron Moore for more information.

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