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    Wendell Howard
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    Smile Anatomy of a car

    I would like to obtain a picture/s of "the anatomy of a car" to put in a Power Point presentation. If you have any interesting pictures please send them to me.

    Wendell Howard

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    We all wish that research would be that easy. Firstly may I suggest that you refine, for yourself, the field of interest. Are you looking for electrics, structural, airbags, whatever? Then its off to the archives for articles, the bookstore or library for text books, the car dealer for his brochures, etc. The latter is a valuable source of information these days.

    If safety features is your concern, there are government agencies and the like (ie. NHSTA)who have bottomless pits of information.

    The legwork is up to us.

    Good luck.

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    Contact Ron Shaw at www.extrication.com . He has written many vehicle related atricles and might be willing to share some of his pictures.

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    Wendell - As Phred noted, Ron Shaw is a perfect place to start at extrication.com. Emailing Ron Moore at Firehouse is another, they are both great resources, they'll help you with whatever you need. Although I also agree with DQuinn - you have to start with a basic subject. You can't just go into a picture and say - "Ok boys - here's a car, this is what you have to do".... Think of it as if you were operating on it. One thing at a time. The entire vehicle, and extrication process requires operating carefully, and with your head, - just in a timely fashion. I do quite a bit of research for own department. If you guys do this alot, and safety and effectiveness is what you are looking for you have to develope knowledge of the vehicles and there MANY different systems; and slowly work it into performance. I do this with our guys at every meeting. Its on the agenda. Handouts, overheads, videos, lectures, and most of all PRACTICAL lessons. Practice, practice, practice. You can't be prepared for everything, and NO two scenarios are identical - But you can sure as hell try to be prepared for the worst. Thats what we train ourselves to think. On your way to an MVA - assume its the worst possible scenario and get mentally prepared. Be safe.

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