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    Our department recently purcased a 3 ton come-a-long for use at MVAs. I'm interested in others that have used this tool and can give some ideas on innovative ways to maximize its use (stabilization technics etc.) that we might not have thought of yet.

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    A come a long (CAL) is definatly a multi-purpose tool in this department. This is one of many tools we have more than one of on our units. We have had many - I repeat many instances where we would have a vehicle on a steep embankment on one side of the road and we would close the road down to thru traffic, wrap a chain around the base of a large tree (or one that is healthy and appears secure)on the opposite side of the road and secure a chain to the frame of the vehicle and then place the CAL between the two and tighten to secure the vehicle from shifting downward. Some may say a tree is not the best bet, but you must do whatever you must do. A few years back, we sat down and designed and then built our own heavy duty shoring device made out of 1/4 inch steel square tubing. The device slides to extend to approx. 8 feet at the furthest point. We designed it to be used with CAL's. We built two of these devices and use one CAL on each one. Basically, the device is propped, of stuffed into a solid opening in the frame of the vehicle (say the vehicle was on its side) and jambed into the ground or pavement. (We have four sharp points on the ends of the device) The CAL is then ran from a loop on the top of the shoring unit, ran down and through the foot of the device, and then to a solid, and sturdy place on the frame that is on the ground side of the vehicle. Give it a couple of cranks to tighten, and it isn't going anywhere. We practiced with it for a while and tested it to insure its durability, and now we have two on our jaws rig. Depending on the rating of your CAL, you may also be able to use it on light extrication, anotherwords - if you only have one spreader that is tied up in an important task, and now you must perform another task that would require a spreader, you could get creative and make a hole here or there and possibly pull a door or pop a jambed hatch. The possibilities are endless, its all in the creativity level, and trying it before you actually do it. But then again, if all else fails and you have to perform a manuever you have never done before with a CAL, you have to do what you have to do.... Good luck and be safe -

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    e33 Guest


    Car against concrete divider, or other immovable problem! Hook your handy dandy come-along to the car and jack it back into a more vertical position. Be careful not to bring it to the point of no return. The idea is not to get back on its wheels, but to pull it back a bit so you can perform an extrication with the vehile on its side. Make sure you have post cribbing or adjustable stabilization devices placed or ready to place as well.


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    ElmerA Guest


    We got two 3500lb cable pullers with the break away handles that work great for stabalizing vehicles in those weird positions.

    We added some ground anchors to help in those times when you cannot hook onto anything. We took some 10"x6" I beam, cut them to about 24" in length and then cut each piece lengthwise at an angle to make 2 big stakes. We welded on a piece of 1" flat steel for a pounding cap, and added a large clevis.

    I tell you what, if we need to, we can drive these stakes into just about anything with a big enough sledge hammer.

    Of course the Highway Department doesn't like us much when we go through the roadway, but it works.

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    Our dept. uses it mainly for "hyper-extending a door". When you need just a little more room, and do not want to remove the door or are using the jaws on another part of the vehicle, to get a victim out. Just wrap a chain around the end of the door and attach the "CAL" to it and the other end of the "CAL" to the front of the vehicle (like the bumper) and crank away. It will pull the door open wider and hold it in position.

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    e33.... "Hook your handy dandy come-along to the car and jack it back into a more vertical position." ARE YOU JOKING?

    I can only assume that you are doing this technique to move a car with victim(s) inside.

    Hmmmm....... "S T A B I L I Z A T I O N".

    Kevin Romer

    Kevin Romer
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