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    Post "New Technology" Lifting Bags

    Does anyone have any experience with N/T or "New Tech" air lifting bags? These are high pressure/high lift bags from Zumro/Resq Tek/Code 3. They look like the best of both worlds.

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    We tried a set from a dealer for a lifting and moving class. They are sure powerful tools. Dont have the time at the moment to go into major details..if you want to know more..e-mail me.

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    Ron Shaw
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    These are a pricy bag, but outstanding, construction is superb, easy to use and assemble.

    The common flaw with HP airbags is that when you try to gain height you loose lift force. As the bag inceases in height the surface area decreases.

    LxWxP = Lift force

    Rescue bags are rated at one inch, not when they are fully inflated. As the HP bag inflates it rounds out like a football. As an example: What may have started out as a surface area of 15 x 15 inches may now only be 10 x 10 inches of surface area in contact with the object to be lifted. Multply the reduced surface area by the operating pressure and you will now know the bags capability.

    When you want to gain high lift you should use a low/medium pressure airbag or the new 147 psi NT airbags. The new bags from ResQtek do not loose lift force as the bag is lifted to it's maxium inflation.

    I call NT (New Technology) airbags both Hurst and Res-Q-Tek (Code-3).

    The Res-Q-Tek airbags work off a 147 psi operating system, while these are a high pressure system, they have the ability to perform high lift with out loss of lift force.

    There are three bags NT-23/50,600 lbs, NT-58/127,600 lbs and the NT-132/290,400 lbs.

    Each bag can be connected with either a open or closed connector, this allows each bag to be filled together or individually.

    If you develop a puncture (hole), you can remove one of the metal load plates and patch the hole. No needed to dispose of the bag.

    For departments that don't have a large budget, look at he Hurst medium pressure bags. These are either a two or three cell airbag, the price tag conciderabily less.

    I concider John Healey of Warren Rhode Island an expert with the ResQtek & Vetter airbag systems, he also hydrostatically test older airbags. If you need specific information you can call him at: 401 245-7013.

    Ron Shaw

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