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    Post Burns From Airbag Module

    On Saturday, 10/9/99, at approx.0830 in Rockford, IL, a 21 year old driver in an Accura Integra, in heavy fog, T-Boned another vehicle, killing four occupants. The first police officer on the scene observed the 21 year old unconscious in the front seat with his arm thrown across the steering column with some smoke/steam rising from the steering column area. As paramedics were removing him from the vehicle minutes later, the officer noticed discoloration on the forearm of the victim. Looking closer, he was horrified to find third-degree burns on the arm from being across the steering column right after the airbag deployment. Is such high heat normal with all airbags/vehicles?

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    According to tests Ron Moore conducted, ten minutes after deployment, the modules had temperatures between 250-350 degrees.

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    yes, this seems to be pretty normal. I have seen a few burns from the ignition source and from the airbag itself (friction).
    If the car builders could only find a softer material.

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    The post of the temps should be noted that that was for a drivers side airbag. The passenger frontal airbag that Ron Moore took a reading was in excess of 731 F, directed at the inflator in the dash. This was done in Feb 99 at the NTHSA film shoot in Dallas. It should also be noted that it took us several minutes to cut through the Kevlar bag to get the reading.

    The gas temps should be higher, for those of you that practice cutting airbags, it is a very unwise thing to do!

    Your going to get burnt in more ways than one. Normally the hot gases will be contained in the airbag and slowly released at a controlled rate. If a person has there body part at the location of a exhaust port they will get burnt.

    Ron Shaw

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