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    Question Stabilization Training

    Does anyone out there have any suggestions on where to find a video or training manual dedicated to Vehicle Stabilization (passenger car to big rig)?


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    try the carbuster viedos they good sourse. I have them.

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    the carbuster series seems fine for basic level rescuers, i have been looking for a video geared towards the seasoned rescuer.

    i have not found one yet,but i will let you know if i do .

    howard county, md. is going to host the mid atlantic extrication contest in the year 2000, you can attend that and probably pick some pointers up from the competitors.

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    Contact Ron Shaw @ extrication.com - I believe he has developed a program on stabilization. Another source for big rig stabilization is Billy Leach. His email address is: resqman@asheboro.com

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