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    Chico Guest

    Question light rescue

    I am in need of some expertise help.
    I recently took over the chief position in a small town vol. dept.
    My dilemma is we run a recue truck for the whole county. The present one is a 1983 half ton 4wheel drive equipped with the large Hurst spreaders, smaller combo hurst cutter spreader and one set of air operated Gator cutters.
    The truck is just not big enough the job. hence we have no room for additional tools which we dont have and some of that i'm sure we should be carrying.
    Went to the City Council and expressed my concerns about this. They just dont understand that if we are going to run rrescue we better be prepared and better equipped for accidents other than MVA's. Iwould appreciate input of some must tools and equipment necessary to get us better equipped for the future. Email me at with suggestions. All help will be appreciated. Thanxs

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    resqb Guest


    Look for the post on tools from the Specialized Rescue forum. I put a link to USFA publications there. The Rescue development manual has a list of tools for the three levels of rescues in the appendix.

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    Ron Shaw Guest


    As a start, try using the NPFA Standards to back your recommendations. NFPA Standard 1901 83 A-8-5 will give you a list of equipment to be used on a rescue truck.

    You can state that your list complies: with, exceeds or in part with this standard.

    I haven't seen the list from the previous response, but between the two you should have a good idea Chief.

    Ron Shaw

    Ron Shaw

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