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    Talking Eddie Scharer wins the Manual Tool Challenge!

    Congratulations to FF Eddie Scharer, Winchester (TN) Fire Department for winning the Firehouse Magazine "University of Extrication Manual Tool Challenge"! Eddie's winning tool list for performing all the Extrication jobs is:

    Hi-Lift type Jack with JackMate™
    25’ length 3/8” Rescue Chain with Grab Hooks
    Halligan-Type Forcible Entry Tool
    Flathead Axe

    Eddie listed some excellent techniques for performing extrication without hydraulic extrication tools. I learned quite a bit from his detailed extrication write-up as well as the other winner's write-ups.

    Congratulations, Eddie!

    Tim O'Connell
    Rescue 42, Inc.


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    Where can we get information on his winning entry, such as techniques described, etc?

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