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    JimT Guest

    Question Bagbuster

    What do any of you know about the "Bagbuster" for un-deployed airbags? I saw it on the internet at Let me know, as we are all concerned with this problem!

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    Todd Trimble Guest


    Check back into the archives of this forum for a topic titled "Bagbuster - Airbag Safety" on or around 2 November 1999. A few of our more notable regulars had great (as in informatitve, not supportive) things to say about the Bagbuster and similar devices.

    Todd Trimble
    Fairland Volunteer Fire Department

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    billy Guest

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    Check out for valid information regarding SRS. There are links to NHTSA from that site as well.

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    Ron Shaw Guest

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    As you have been told in the other post there has been other threads regarding this topic.

    The auto industry, airbag manufacturers, the US government tells you not to try to restain any airbag, do not cut any airbag, and do not place any hard or sharp object infront of a airbag.

    If an injury occurs due the device you put on the steering wheel to restrian or shred the airbay, you could be held liable.

    If the airbag fails, it is your device that is between the airbag and your patient or rescuer. Should injury occur, the injury could be greater that that caused by the airbag along.

    Reseach the libary for other threads on this subject. Hopefully you will not purchase a airbag restaint device. The bag buster is a heavy steel plate with sharp teeth pointing in at the bag side. When the bag deploys the Bagbuster shreds the bag. The other devices restain it, but allow it to deploy.

    Ron Shaw

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    MetalMedic Guest

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    IMHO... I think about how hyped up my crew can be at some accident scenes.. now, expect one of them to attach this device. Ok, they don't quite get it right and then BOOM... the airbag launches this device to God knows where inside and/or outside of the vehicle. I think I'll take my chances with the bag alone.

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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