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    Post Struts for Stabilizing Cars

    We are currently looking into struts for use on cars on the side/roof. We currently are using 4x4 cribbing and high-lift jacks but many times these methods provide a less-than-desirable stabilization method when time is short.
    Just trying to get some feedback on companies using these tools currently and your luck with them. We presently are looking at Paratech and Airshore ("Jimmy-Jacks").

    Dan Nichols
    Hyattsville VFD
    Hyattsville, MD

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    Paratech struts for sure. They are alot easier to use and very versatile. Paratech has developed a vehicle stabilization system as well, which is nice. If you go with Paratech get the "Acme Thread" struts which allow for infinite adjustment.

    The opinions and views expressed herin are solely mine and not on the behalf of any department or organization I belong to.

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    Although the Paratech struts are nice, they are expensive. Airshore doesn't manufacture the Jimmi Jaks anymore, they've introduced their similar product, the Airshore Rescue Tool (ART). They too are expensive, however very strong & durable. Try visiting the Airshore website for further info. Consider a much less expensive alternative, providing extremely good support such as the ResQJack System. A very good system with lots of uses, easily deployed and durable. If you want the real scoop..call Cris at Cepco Tool, 800-466-9626. He's the mechanical engineer who invented it.

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    We started doing the "buttress" type of stabilization with the Z Mag ground pad. They use 4x4's and ratchet straps to stabilize in many positions. We add some extra stability to cars on their sides by hooking up a winch or come along to the top side and just taking the slack out of the
    cable. Solid as a rock, nothing to interfere with ops on the shiny side of the car. Just got the Paratech system this week. We think it will augment the Zmag system and give us some additional flexibility. The Paratech system costs about 2K.

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    Guess it's my turn. You can check my website at Zmagrescue.com to see pics of the versitility of my system, or you can ask anyone of the many extrication teams that have successfully used the Ground Pad system in compitions. Or better yet, why not contact me for a demo some Saturday or evening at your station. I'm probably less then 90 minutes (depending on the beltway) away and would gladly stop by with a set to play with. Give me a call, the numbers on the webpage.

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    We just purchased the RES Q JACK system and I am impressed with it so far.

    We were looking for a system to use for vehicles that were on their sides, We saw this system at the Baltimore expo and bought one the next week.

    This system seems to be the most versatile that we have seen so far, we did not have the room to put several different sizes of 4x4s on our engine .

    This system is a little bit more than what we needed for stabilizing a vehicle on its side, but we have found another good use for it.

    I performed a dash roll using the RES Q JACK, it worked so much better than a HI-LIFT JACK , that you will not believe it unless you try for yourself.

    In all fairness, I visited zmags web site today, and saw the product that we were looking for in the first place, I believe it is called the zmag A frame, it looks sturdy, simple, and well built, it is also inexpensive.

    If we had seen that product a few months ago I think that we would have bought two of them.

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    we built a set of struts from uni strut material( stop sign posts) it telescopes to approx 6-7 foot and has a base pads withhook up to stabalize kick out and 4 sets of ends to use against vehicle. we have 2 sets 1 longer and 1 shorter when we had to use the they make car very solid!

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    Some folks have emailed me that feel I should offer some info on the Res-Q-Jack products/availability here so here's a quick note.

    Our website online target date is 1/15/00. I apologize for the delay. The address will be www.cepcotool.com If you need info sooner you may email me or you can take a look on the www.extrication.com website. At ex.com check out photo galleries and/or online store. Ron Shaw, a Mass. state instructor, runs this site, he will also be happy to help you. You may contact him through ex.com.

    A note on the discussion of using the Res-Q-Jack in a dash roll: The unit used is the jack from the RJ-3 series along with appropriate extensions and end fittings. New design allows for end fittings and/or extensions to plug into both top and bottom of jack.

    Thank you & have a safe & merry Christmas.

    The above shows the RJ-2 series.

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    Squad 14 uses them...

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    Ray Ferraro
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    We've been using the ZMag Ground Pads for several months and find them to be easy to use and quite good at stabilizing a vehcile on its side or roof. They store easily and don't cost an arm and a leg. Make sure you check them out.

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    I have to agree. We started using the Z mag ground pads when we saw them at the regional extrication competition in Portland, PA. We've found them to be very easy to set up, and Extremely cost effective. I've seen and practiced using struts to stabilize a vehicle, and i believe they offer no advantage over the pads. Especially when you consider the price of them. However, if your department does technical rescues, (Trench, structural), then it won't hurt to use them instead. If you don't, the Z mag's are the way to go.

    Brian Handlin
    Claymont Fire Company
    Claymont Delaware

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