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    Question electric blankets

    What are some thoughts on using electric blankets to keep patients warm during extrications?

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    sounds like you may have a good ideal.if you could get a blanket made out of a material that willnot be cut easy by glass. and a materal that can be steralized. this could be a very valuable piece of equiptment to victim on a sub zero temp.

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    Along those lines why not apply heating pads, the type used by hunters that come in sealed packets, you just open and shake them and a chemical reaction takes place, they are sold under the trade name Hot Shots. Do not apply them to bare skin-they may cause quite a bit of discomfort. Place them where major blood vessels flow such as under arm pits, or at the extremities such as hands and feet. Hunters also use oversized boots made of a nylon outer shell and manmade batting. These were designed to slip over hunting boots while posting. We haven't tried these yet but will if the need is presented. Does this constitute operating above our skill level if we haven't been trained to apply these measures to a patient?

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    We are currently looking at putting an affordable portable heating system package together. The concept we are looking at is an electric fan/heating unit which would force a clean heated airstream through an insulated flexible duct. The air could be directed into an area where a victim is exposed to cold such as a vehicle accident or other means of entrapment. I would like to hear from others on this concept. I have not seen any system designed for this type application, if you know of any please email me.

    Thank You
    Cris Pasto
    Cepco Tool Company

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