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    flashfire Guest

    Post The BOSS Tool

    Has anyone used the BOSS tool and did you have any problems with it or any comments good or bad on this too. Thanks

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    jamcmullan Guest


    We have a Boss tool, but use it rarely--mostly in training. We have hydraulics pre-connected that serve as our primary extrication resource. On occasion, though, this tool has proved invaluable--hard to access vehicles or multi-entrapment MVC's. Another comment--when compared to a light-weight Combi Tool (like the Hurst Roadrunner), the Boss Tool's wider tips don't shred doors as much.

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    Batt #2 Guest


    a FD south of us has a Boss tool. I think a large spring closes the jaws. Ok if you don't get it hung-up in between anything.

    It is a quiet tool

    Keep it burning Tracey


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