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    Question Not so absorbant?

    This past week we ran an MVA w/ minor injuries and fluids down. A common run, we get around 550 a year. What was strange was that our absorbant didn't do it's job. It turns out that the antifreeze was silicone based (red in color) and the absorbant couldn't pull it in. Anybody else run into this?

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    Hello, I am a firefighter in Warwick, NY and also sell absorbent products. I have requested information for you and will send it to you when I receive it, regarding your antifreeze problem. I hope that it's helpful to you.

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    Please post the info also.


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    We use absorbent on petroleum based products, it doesnt work on anti freeze, for that we carry a five gallon bucket of stay-dry, or kitty litter, works well and inexpensive.

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    Hope the inexpensive kitty litter works better on spills than it does for my cats!! (sorry, I just had to say that). I will look forward to the information on this. We haven't come across this problem.. yet.

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    Thanks guys...resqlt4:the absorbant we use is supposed to pick up not only petroleum based products, but also antifreeze. Thus my posting.

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    resqb: What type of absorbant are you using? We use a product called sphag-sorb (I believe that's the correct spelling.. pronounce SPAG-SORB). Anyway, it works quite well because it absorbs petrol-based products very well, as well as antifreeze, brake fluid.. all kinds of fluids you would run into at the scene of an MVA. I have not run into this synthetic antifreeze yet, but I should think that it would absorb it, much the way it absorbs things like synthetic motor oils.

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