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    Post Recip Saw Blades

    There has been some good discussion on recip. saws. Now let's talk saw blades. What is everyone using? I am aware of three manufacturers. Lenox, DeWalt and Milwaulkee. What are you using for wood/demolition? How about for auto extrication? Has anyone done a side by side test? What TPI works best for extrication? 10,14, 18, 10/14? Have you tried the Torch by Milwaulkee? How about the Axe?

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    Hi, I work for DeWalt and I'm glad for this question. Let me tell you about the bi-metal blades we are manufacturing with what we call "chainsaw teeth"

    They are made with Matrix II steel with 8% cobalt for added durability
    They have a raker tooth that minimizes vibration. They have a +6 degree hook angle allows you to cut faster through tougher materials. They have an anti-stick coating to help reduce friction and a tough flexible body to resist breaking.

    Testing shows that our chainsaw teeth allow you to cut 30% faster and you can go through 1,000 nails with one of our blades versus 65 nails with a Lennox.

    10/14 TPI are primarily demolition blades for cutting wood, including nail embedded wood, composition, cast alluminum, plastics, light guage non-ferrous metals and fiberglass.
    14 TPI is primarily for cutting in heavy guage metal, hard rubber, fiberglass, and angle iron.
    18TPI is for cutting mild steel (under 1/8"), galvanized pipe, aluminum pipe, and channel.

    If you have any other questions, I'd love to help.
    Thanks and be safe!!!

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    I usually use the Lennox Demolition 960R for extrication work.

    I recently purchased a set of the "Axe" blades by Milwalkee but haven't got to destroy anything with them yet.

    The DeWalt Blade sounds pretty good, is there anyplace where we can get them locally like a "Lowes" or machine shop?

    Ed Brando

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    I work at Home Hardware and I've seen many different brands of blades and I've had all of the sales people tell me why their blade is the best and how their blades out preform the other guys blade. I'm also a fire fighter and I've used MANY brands but the ones I would recommend would be Dewalt and Starrett. My Fd used Starrett for a few years and I don't think we ever broke one, but one day the Dewalt sales person was in the Hardware store and I was tellin him about my application and he gave me some blades that he said they were specially designed for auto extrication. At an extrication competition he cut a car in half directly behind the B post. I've seen the blades in action, because I talked him into giving me a free sample, and they are very good. The thing that gives Dewalt some competition is Starrett(www.starrett.com). Their blades are very strong(about 85% of Dewalts) but the advantage of the Starretts are that in tight spaces you can bend the blades to any angle you want and continue cutting. We tried that with Dewalt and it didn't preform to the level of Starrett. So, back to your question, which is the best brand? It's either Dewalt or Starrett, and we carry both brands on our truck and use which ever suits the application. By the way I'm not a dealer of Dewalt or Starrett, I'm just a FF who tries to help where he can. Good Luck choosing a brand and Stay Safe. If you want anymore info, ie. Specs and such, please feel free to contact me at the address below.


    These opinions are mine and not that if Home Hardware or my FD

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    Ron Shaw
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    Every company is going to show you the best blade on the market, just like hydraulic tools...who's got the best Holmatro, Hurst, ResQtek, TNT???

    What I suggest is to get a few blades of each and do your own testing. I like the stiffer blades, Milwaukee makes the Torch blades in two gauges, both are for rescue/demolition work. Put the blades together and compare them apple for apples. When conducting your test, besure to test by cutting the same metal and using the same technic.

    If you ask me, I may have a bias opinion, if you have an open mind, why not try your own test.


    Ron Shaw

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    Ron Shaw
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    A couple of posts above "emsbrando" mentioned using the Axe blades by Milwaukee, these are for cutting wood, but I would think they will also do glass as well.

    Perhaps what you meant was the Torch blades, this are Milwaukee's rescue/demolition blade.

    Ron Shaw

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