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    Question Battery Powered Rescue Tools

    What is everyones opinion on the new bettery powered rescue tools? Does anyone have these? How do they operate? Would you reccomened them?

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    Gregg, I have used the Kinnman tool and the Power Hawk and found that they will do the job but the battery life and power may give you problems near the end of the evolutions. I still perfer Amkus, Hurst and Homotro tools. Either way be sure you field test the tools your looking at. If it works for you then buy it.

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    Daniel Barr
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    Gregg I have found that the LUKAS rescue tool company makes a very unique tool that is battery operated and last through a full extrication.
    The tool is a combination tool capable of spreading and cutting with great forces.

    Check it out at WWW.LUKAS.COM

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